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i'm always up for new challenges

Born and raised in Cairo, I developed a passion for photography at quite a young age.

As I grew, so did my passion and the desire to capture my surroundings. More recently, as an avid traveler, i take my camera everywhere i go. 7 years ago, my new year’s resolution was always to “travel & discover more local & global”, exploring as much as possible of Egypt’s lesser-known destinations. From my adventures, #ThisIsEgypt & #RoamEgypt were born; hashtags I hope will showcase Egypt in a different light to Egyptians & foreigners alike. On a global scale we're just like a drop of water so we still have the ocean to discover.


  • Group Exhibition “Cairo Saturday Walks” in Cairo

  • Group Exhibition “Cairo Saturday Walks” in London

  • Solo Exhibition “C.Reality Showroom” in Cairo

  • Group Exhibition “Gypian” in Cairo

On a professional side I'm a Creative Leader & Partner at The Brand Bees, a boutique brand agency that focuses on building & maintaining brands from top to bottom.

In the next years I hope to shed the light on newer projects I'm working on.